Large Format Scanning – in full colour or black & white

Documents up to 44” wide, by any length can be scanned and returned as convenient and portable PDF documents, JPEG and TIFF. We can even scan your drawings and convert to a DXF file. We use a Xerox B/W scanner and a ColorTrac graphics scanner for high quality colour. At Xerocad we regularly scans maps, drawings, utility and architectural plans. All types of A0 drawing materials and paper can be scanned such as:-

  • Vellum
  • Coated and Uncoated
  • Transparent Drawing Film
  • Tracing Paper
  • Polyester Films
  • Photo Gloss
  • Fabric and Canvas

If you’re involved in construction, engineering, surveying or civil engineering you’ll be familiar with the problems of storing drawings and plans, especially when the job is completed and you only need to hold them for reference or compliance.

The second great advantage with large format scanning is that if you need to take plans or drawings on-site, having PDF versions on your laptop computer is so much more convenient than unwieldy documents. Hundreds of drawings will fit on a typical memory stick.

Digital files are now a more convenient way of distributing drawings eliminating the cost and delays associated with posting documents.

We offer a bureau service with competitive prices and rapid turnaround times. You can even wait whilst we scan your documents. Or we can equip you with your own scanner if you need to scan these types of documents regularly.

For Fine Art Reproduction see Copying

Small Format Scanning

At Xerocad we use the very latest Xerox Digital equipment so you are guaranteed the very best quality for your A4 and A3 scans, colour and black & white. Documents can be scanned to PDF, TIFF or JPEG. If required we can scan and email your documents or burn them to CD , DVD or your memory stick while you wait.